The Industrial Ancillaries Academy is Launched

Industrial Ancillaries Academy launchedIndustrial Ancillaries, one of the UK’s leading industrial fittings providers, has recently added an extra string to their bow with the recent launch of the Industrial Ancillaries Academy.

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The Chesterfield based company, in partnership with the BFPA, has opened a training centre running hydraulic safety courses. The first courses will be held in September 2014 at the companies sales and distribution offices based just off the M1, Junction 29A. For more details on the company’s location see the Getting Here page.

Providing First Class Safety Training

Industrial Ancillaries has always been committed to promoting safety in the workplace especially in the hydraulics and pneumatics industries where vigilance and rigorous safety procedures are essential to ensuring the protection of the workforce from potential debilitating injury. Therefore, it was seen as a natural evolution to branch out into running training courses on the correct practices for safety when working with hydraulics.

Industrial Ancillaries Academy has identified a need for quality training in the East Midlands. We are starting by running the full range of BFPA courses from foundation to advanced hydraulics safety level. We will also be running the new BFPA Small Bore Tubing Integrity course when it is released later in the year. The company will be extending its range of courses to include the Gates Hydraulic Safety courses in the autumn.

In the future the Academy is planning to develop and run a wide range of industry related courses not just for hydraulics and pneumatics but also for other industries such as petrochemical, semi-conductor, construction and energy. So watch this space!

Click here for information on our current range of courses.