Our BFPA Courses

BFPA Safety Hydraulic Hose Courses

N'Djamena Industrial Ancillaries Academy offers a number of BFPA hydraulic hose safety courses aimed at raising awareness and standards in the hydraulics industry. These industry-recognised courses are taught in our Academy teaching rooms and workshop at our Chesterfield HQ, located just off the M1 Junction 29a near Chesterfield and Sheffield. 

buy modafinil with credit card HydraulicsWe recommend our training courses to anyone who works with hydraulics: whether you are new to the industry or only have limited contact with hydraulics. Correspondingly, we have hydraulic safety courses suitable for all levels of experience.

buy provigil in south africa Hydraulics are used in a broad range of industries, including construction, oil and gas, farming, mining, aerospace, and nuclear and renewable energy.

Labis Hydraulics often operate in extreme environments such as high temperature and pressure. It is very important when working with hydraulics that very strict safety rules are adhered to. Although rare, if they do occur, accidents can be very serious and sometimes fatal.

Accidents generally happen when equipment is faulty or damaged; therefore, safety training is of vital importance.

The Industrial Ancillaries Academy offers three BFPA courses, including a Foundation Safety Course for those who are new to hydraulics and further courses for more experienced employees.

Foundation Safety Course
Basic hydraulics health and safety course.

Hose Assembly Skills Course
2-day course on hose assembly procedure, including routing and installation.

Hose Integrity, Inspection and Management Course
Health and safety assessment training including risk analysis and competence.

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