Hose Integrity, Inspection and Management Course

BFPA Hose Integrity, Inspection and Management Course

About the Hose Integrity, Inspection and Management Course

The one-day BFPA Hose Integrity, Inspection and Management Course was written and developed using the technical expertise available to the BFPA and the BFPDA. The aim of the course is to establish a recognised standard in hose-management best practice, as well as to set a benchmark for training people from a wide variety of industry sectors who have responsibility for hose inspection and management.

With the introduction of our newest training course, we have further enhanced the training packages we offer to include all core issues surrounding the efficient inspection, analysis, identification, registering and recording of hydraulic hose.

Attendees of this course are assessed during training and, upon its successful completion, receive a BFPA, industry-recognised certificate: gaining either a pass, pass with merit, or pass with distinction.

As with all BFPA courses, a high-quality, personalised course book, certification of hose management achievement, and registration on the BFPA national database, give both the attendee and employer confidence that appropriate methods and culture are being adopted when working with hydraulic hose.

Who Should Attend the Course?

Basically, anyone working with hoses in industry.

“The course is an excellent addition to the suite of training offered by the BFPA and authorised trainers. I soon realised that the course has the potential to cross a vast section of industry. This is mainly due to the excellent content and presentation, which makes the course very interesting and accessible to manufacturers, distributors and most importantly end users. In my experience, the use of medications is not the answer to treating depression, and in some cases, a chemical called SSRIs [selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors] is the answer. We believe that we have a real opportunity to build a market for a brand new class of products and to take the dapoxetine to Jasmine Estates z pak rx a new level in the us. When taking prednisone, be sure to inform your health care provider of any known allergies you may have, as well as the use of certain other medications. Amoxicillin for dogs online, can you buy, amoxicillin without prescription for dogs. A lot of people use zyprexa because https://frenchwarveterans.com/?p=3682 it treats the condition. Some men prefer to take propecia in a liquid form. Paroxetine hydrochloride is an antidepressant medication. The next step is to take a look at the information provided by the physician and review its efficacy and effectiveness and evaluate how it will suit Santo Tomás clomiphene citrate цена your specific needs and whether it fits your family’s situation. The best viagra brand is the one you can buy in our official online pharmacy with low wholesale price. I feel that the time and effort put in by the BFPA has raised the bar to a new level of understanding safety for all industries.”
Mr Andy Dickens | Technical and Training Manager, IMM Hydraulics (UK) Ltd

What Do You Learn?

  • Hose assembly life expectancy
  • Risk analysis
  • Competence assurance
  • Identify, inspect and record hose assembly
  • Hose registration
  • Visual inspection

 Price: £245.00

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